Sewing: A Solo Activity

I invite all Singer sewing machine owners to create marvels with their machines, it’s time to sew, I mean, after learning how to thread the needle… I have no idea where to start!..

PHOTO CREDIT: @pexels ©Pavel Danilyuk

When the pandemic has started and we had lockdowns, in that frenzy I panicked and I bought myself a simple sewing machine from internet, the very basic model of Singer, Singer 8280 to be exact. I also had bought all of it accessories (feet and needles) whether they are suitable or not for my machine, I did not know that they can be various feet for diverse models, at the end I had so much “things” that I had no idea what they were for, and I had no one to ask but my friends online and YouTube. So after a struggle period, I found patterns and I bought many colourful threads (again online) and I managed to sew a mask for the first task. There it was, my first handmade 100% cotton mask. And then, the respectful scientists declared that they are useless, but what about my mask? So I have closed the box of the sewing machine, and it sits here under the table now. Waiting patiently to be useful, some day, maybe.

Below are the notes about some websites, some YouTube videos links that I had before, so I’m just posting them here, with a note like so:

T O   B E  C O N T I N U E D   S O M E D A Y !

How to thread the needle on the sewing machine is answered quite well here on WikiHow, thank you very much.

This young lady seems to know about sewing machines and she was a beginner like me, I ‘ll try to follow her videos. She only speaks in Turkish and she has no captions for her videos. Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Dikiş is the starting video for the beginners.

Also Singer have its own YouTube channel and  creates very own lists, in these lists there are lots of informations for various sewing machine models, mine is the simplest one, so I searched the basic instructions only. This is the most useful instruction for me: Bobbi

More to read?..